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2017 - 9
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Naar de enquête news is the first online portal for the pan-European turf industry. An digital newsletter is send on a weekly base to all people interested in developments in the industry. Circulation 3500.

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Auteur: Peter Voskuil

Good enough for French Open is not nearly good enough for Ryder Cup

In the everyday world, we have good, better, best. In the golf world we can replace this by good, better, and the superlative ‘Ryder Cup’. Ever since 2012, life has been a dream for 34-year-old greenkeeper and superintendent Alejandro Reyes.

Auteur: Hein van Iersel

Why we don't need Robots

More than 20 years ago I was rudely woken by the screeching of my alarm clock, telling me in its own obnoxious way that it was 4 am and time for me to get up.

Auteur: Kristian Summerfield

Connecting green professionals

'What makes the STC unique, is that they represent the whole value chain in artificial turf'

Whereas US President Donald Trump’s policy is primarily aimed internally, the American Synthetic Turf Council wants to expand outside the United States. Arnoud Fiolet has been appointed to establish the European branch. Fieldmanager spoke to him about the plans and ambitions the STC has for Europe.

Auteur: Guy Oldenkotte